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We are A Big Egg.

We help charities and non-profits excel digitally by creating effective, modern websites.

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Who we've worked with

How we work

Getting going

We like to have lots of conversations to understand what you want to achieve.

You may already have a very clear idea of what you're looking for, or you might be unsure of exactly how to approach building a charity website or digital experience.

We'll work with you to figure out exactly what kind of approach is required, and how much it will cost.

Working well together

Every project and client is different but we think a universal key to success is good communication.

We'll keep you informed throughout the entire process and explain technical topics understandably. We're always available to listen and discuss new ideas.

Services we offer

Once we understand your goals, we'll agree a full creative strategy for your project.

This work involved might include

  • UX research and planning
  • Charity web design and development
  • CRM integration and customisation
  • Donation systems and integrations
  • SEO
  • User testing

  • Hosting and maintenance

We look to figure out exactly what you're looking to achieve as a charity and work back to the most suitable solution.

Looking to talk?

We can help build a digital solution that's right for you!

Email to arrange a no-obligation chat about your project.